“Montuotojas” stands out from the other companies in our field due to our exceptional fabrication capabilities. In our modernized metal processing plants operating in Alytus and Panevėžys we can fabricate nearly 700 t of steel metal products every month. Fabrication is carried out in compliance with the best business efficiency practices and international standards. Facilities of “Montuotojas” are mostly implementing orders from industry and energy companies.

Industrial equipment assemblies

For companies in the industry sector, we fabricate different types of equipment, we can prepare prefabricated products, carry out the welding, painting and mechanical assembly works. We have experience in the fabrication of industrial transporters and other equipment.

We manufacture various equipment for the wood processing industry: devices for milling and pelletization of wood strands, dispensers, feeders, sorters, transporters. For furniture industry: turners, conveyor systems. We also manufacture heat exchangers, stainless steel tanks, grain elevators.

Welded beams (HSQ)

We manufacture different custom HSQ type beams, which are welded from steel sheets. These beams are used to support reinforced concrete slabs, and their structure allows to effectively utilize the building indoor space. Welding is either manual or automatic, using the welding tractors. The heaviest beam manufactured so far weighed 40 tons.

Pressurized vessels

For industrial companies in chemicals, food, oil and other sectors we manufacture and install various volume steel pressurized vessels, underground and surface reservoirs, reactors, heat exchangers, steam superheaters, collectors, de-aerators, ammonia separators and other purpose industrial vessels.

This equipment is manufactured according the pressurized vessels directive PED 2014/68/EU, EN, ASME and other requirements.


We fabricate and install hundreds of tanks with different purposes and sizes. Presently we can manufacture vertical, cylindrical, flat, underground, surface, welded steel tanks for storing liquids and bulk products in the ambient or higher temperatures.

The following standards adhere during the design, manufacturing and installation of tanks: API650, API653, EN1991-4, EN 14015, EN 13445, EN 12285-1/2.


We can fabricate steel chimneys of different complexity and for different purposes. Manufacturing can be carried out according to the design provided by the customer or prepared by our specialists. We are among the leaders in Lithuania by the available equipment, manufacturing capabilities and competence in the steel chimneys field. Maximum dimensions of the chimney can reach 80 meters in length, 12000 mm in diameter and 40 mm in thickness.

The following standards adhere during the design, manufacturing and installation of chimneys: EN 13084-7 and EN 1993-3-2.

Pipework parts

We manufacture pipework parts (assemblies) for different purposes, as well as carry out their installation works on the operation site. We can weld main stainless steels (AISI316, AISI304, DUPLEX, etc.) covering 8, 10 steel groups under ISO 15608 standard.

Metal structures for constructions

Our experience, available manufacturing resources and modern equipment allow us to carry out the projects involving fabrication of metal structures with large dimensions and complex structures.

We carry out the visual testing of the welding joints according to the requirements of EN ISO 17637 standard. Fabrication is certified and allows us to fabricate class EXC3 products under LST EN 1090-2:2018 requirements.

Stainless steel products

We have a separate manufacturing shop for the fabrication of stainless-steel products. The maximum weight of the stainless-steel product is 80 tons. For chemicals, food and other companies of the industry sectors we manufacture different tanks, structures, chimneys and other products.

We can weld main stainless-steels (AISI316, AISI304, DUPLEX, etc.) covering 8, 10 steel groups under ISO 15608 standard.