As a modern company, the business of “Montuotojas” follows the principles of sustainability. The company focuses on the well-being of the employees, occupational health and safety, improvement and modernization of the manufacturing processes to conserve the resources and materials used therein. When implementing engineering projects in large industrial and energy companies, the team of “Montuotojas” helps its customers to reach for better operations efficiency, reduced environmental impact, sustainable and long-term solutions.

Quality of products and services

“Montuotojas” organizes the production and engineering activities in line with international quality standards, which are seamlessly integrated into the daily processes of the company.

The following quality standards ensure the quality of services and products of “Montuotojas” (download copies of the documents):

  • Quality management system ISO 9001 certificate No. 125004-2012-AQ-LTU-FINAS
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001 certificate No. 50804-2009-AE-LTU-FINAS
  • Occupational safety management system OHSAS 18001 certificate No. 62071-2009-AHSO-LTU-FINAS
  • Qualification certificate No. 0234
  • Welding quality system EN ISO 3834-2 certificate No. 04-14-22
  • State energy inspectorate certificates No. T-0041, N-0014, GD-0014 and SND-0019
  • License for permanent maintenance of potentially dangerous lifting equipment No. 38
  • License to work with ionizing radiation sources No. 0115
  • Steel structures fabrication control system EC certificate EN 1090-1 No. 2268-CPR-034
  • Free-standing steel chimney manufacturing system certificate EN 13084-7 No. 2268-CPR-158

Employee health and safety

“Montuotojas” is creating a sustainable organizational culture, where the contribution of each employee is appreciated. The top priority for the company is ensuring employee health and safety.

“Montuotojas” is organizing its daily processes according to good international practice and international business standards, such as occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001) management system.

In its activity “Montuotojas” is seeking to have zero accidents and the number of working hours skipped due to health disorders to not exceed the business sector average.

Sustainable production

While providing various industrial solutions for its clients “Montuotojas” contributes to the sustainability goals of various companies in the industrial sector by helping to increase business performance, conserve the resources and environment, improve business processes.  Business processes in “Montuotojas” are organized by conserving the resources and striving to reduce the environmental impact of the fabrication process, adhering to waste management, energy efficiency, and environmental protection standards. “Montuotojas” is planning to carry out the global evaluation of the business environmental impact, calculate the CO2 emissions, reduce their amounts, continue expanding the use of energy-saving equipment. The following standards are followed in the fabrication activities:

  • Environmental protection management system ISO 14001 certificate
  • Waste management system

Employee education and professional growth

“Montuotojas” is evaluating the competence of its employees and is investing in the employees’ professional growth and education.  In 2020 “Montuotojas” established a welding academy, with the purpose to improve the qualification of colleagues working in the fabrication area. Apart from theoretical courses, the academy also provides practical training under a special program for welders.  The benefits of this academy are exceptionally favored by novice specialists.  Upon completing the academy courses, the specialists can carry out the welding works with much greater quality and efficiency.

Sustainability priorities

Following the best practices, “Montuotojas” has established sustainable operation priorities, which are being implemented every day.

Quality of products and services
Employee health and safety
Sustainable production
Employee education and professional growth