“Montuotojas” is recognized as a developer, manufacturer and installer of solutions for industrial construction, special installation works, technological installations, pipework, tanks, pressurized vessels, steel structures.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

We have extensive experience in industrial object construction and modernization projects, therefore by providing the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services we ensure the management of the whole process by the highest standards.

Our team employs top qualification project managers, construction and technical supervision managers with extensive engineering and technical competencies. As part of EPC projects, we exhaustively analyze the project, the customer’s needs and the required design works, we select reliable subcontractors and take care of the acquisition of the required work permits.

In industrial construction and other EPC projects, we employ digital project and resource management solutions, which help to ensure process precision and efficiency.

Design and consultations

Our engineers are indispensable assistants to companies of the industry, energy and other sectors, allowing us to develop technical solutions that best match the needs of the customers. Our specialists’ design storage tanks, pressurized vessels, on ground tanks, reactors, heat exchangers, steam superheaters, collectors, de-aerators, ammonia separators, steel chimneys and flue ducts, as well as different purpose and size steel metal structures.

We can design the product from scratch, relying on the drawings of the previously completed projects or generate fabrication drawings from the product model provided by the customer.

We will help each customer to assess the scope of required investments, the duration of the projects, prepare the detailed instructions and quality control plans and suggest other necessary solutions.

We design the products using the latest specialized digital solutions, such as “AutoCAD”, “SolidWorks” and “Tekla”, which help to ensure precision and quality. If needed, we can also perform the strength calculations.

Manufacturing of industrial equipment

Our significant fabrication capabilities distinguish us from the other companies in our field. We are one of the five largest fabrication companies in the Baltic states. In our two modern metal processing plants every month we can fabricate up to 700 tons of metal products and components. The total production area covers 11 300 square meters, meaning that we can fabricate products of exceptional dimensions (maximum dimensions of one product are 80x8x8 m, weight – up to 25 t). We can paint up to 18 000 square meters of metal structures every month. The fabrication process is fully integrated and is carried out in separate preparation, welding, painting and mechanical assembly departments.

For the fabrication processes, we employ state-of-the-art metal processing technologies, robot welding columns, thermal and plasma cutting machines, product rolling machinery and other equipment. The fabrication process is standardized, and the labor in all the plants is organized following the LEAN methodology.

We fabricate various tanks, industrial equipment, stainless steel products, pipework parts, chimneys, pressurized vessels, metal structures for constructions, welded beams and other products for our customers in Lithuania and other countries.

Fabrication is carried out in line with the following quality standards:

  • Welding quality system EN ISO 3834-2 certificate;
  • EN 1090-1 (EXC3) certificate for the fabrication control system of steel structures for constructions;
  • Free-standing steel chimney manufacturing system certificate EN 13084-7;
  • IWE (international welding engineer);
  • Welding personnel certified to ISO 9606-1, ISO 14732;
  • Welding procedures certified to ISO 15614-1.


We have performed numerous industrial installations of storage tanks, containers, pipework, steel metal structures and others. We carry out works in companies of oil, oil products, chemicals, fertilizers, food, cargo and other sectors. We have extensive experience in installing new or dismantling old technological lines of plants, as well as installing new or relocating the old factories.

We utilize our fleet of cranes, towers and platforms, scaffolding and other required installation equipment to perform the installation works. With a unified team of more than 250 qualified welders, isolation specialists and installers we ensure execution of installation works in different sites for industrial, energy and other uses, complying with the most demanding standards and quality requirements.

Technical isolation

In the oil refining, chemicals, food, wood processing and other industrial sites we perform technical isolation works, including installation of thermal, cryogenic and other types of insulation. We isolate pipework, tanks, reservoirs, technological equipment and other structures.

Engineering networks

For energy and industrial sector companies we carry out trunk and district heating pipework installation or reconstruction works, connect new consumers or heat providers to the existing infrastructure. We can perform installation works of any purpose, pressure or diameter pipes – whether for heat, steam, water, gas, sewage, pressurized air, oil, oil products or other products.  We prefabricate the pipework in our plants.

Maintenance and repair

For companies of the industry and other sectors, our specialists provide structures and technological equipment servicing, maintenance and repair services. After evaluating the needs of the customer, we will assemble a team of employees that will help to quickly remedy the faults or other problems that impede efficient manufacturing or other activities. We carry out the scheduled repair works, stopping of plants, routine maintenance works, remedy the faults. When needed, we can ensure the continuous work of 200 employees on-site in different shifts.


In our non-destructive testing laboratory, we carry out the control testing of metal structures, welded joints and potentially dangerous equipment. The laboratory has all the technical and qualitative facilities to carry out the visual inspection, leakproof, radiography, ultrasound testing, as well as testing using the magnetic particles, penetrating paint and ultrasound metal thickness measurements. We can provide consultations about remedying and preventing the defects.

With the help of the mobile x-ray development laboratory, the initial testing reports can be delivered on the same day. We carry out the testing with the latest equipment, and our specialists have extensive experience in large-scale projects. The laboratory is certified and complies with the quality management system ISO 9001 standard, the equipment is used under the license to work with ionizing radiation sources.

NDT laboratory uses the following methods for testing:

  • VT – visual testing
  • UT – ultrasound testing
  • RT – radiography testing
  • UTth – ultrasound metal thickness measurement
  • LT – leakproof testing (by vacuum);
  • MT – magnetic particles testing
  • PT – penetrating paint testing